Writing Blog #3

God it's been a while.... Hello everyone! I know, I know, it's been FOREVER since I've posted a blog here. It's 100% my fault, as I've been soooooo busy with life. I hope everyone is safe, and healthy during this difficult time. As for me, I've been hunkering down with my family, but I go … Continue reading Writing Blog #3

2. The Cost of Secrecy

Overview—Character Files—Previous Chapter—Next Chapter In less than fifteen minutes Brianna and her brother had to explain to their mother about them missing their bus, the eviction notice, and Brianna selling her art to get the money. Nicolette listened in stony silence, and once her children were done, she pinched the bridge of her nose. “I … Continue reading 2. The Cost of Secrecy

A NEW GUARDIAN – Character Profiles

Character Profile: Brianna O’Connor Full name: Brianna Áine O’Connor Nickname(s): Bri, Little Fae Queen Species: Druid Age: 15 (A New Guardian) Gender: Female Sexuality: Bisexual Appearance: Tall & athletic in body, medium-brown skin, thick red hair, almond-shaped green eyes. Height: 5′10 Personality: Fearless. Loyal. Sharp-tongued. Hard-headed. Abilities: Speaks English, French & Irish/Scottish Gaelic. Spirit Magic. … Continue reading A NEW GUARDIAN – Character Profiles


Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy POV: third-person limited omniscient Themes: Comedy. Friendship. LGBTQA+. Guilt. Young Love. Royalty. Urban. Status: Ready to begin posting Synopsis Fifteen-year-old Brianna O’Connor always thought that her father had abandoned her and her family ten years ago. Although her mother struggled to make ends meet, Brianna and her siblings never went … Continue reading A NEW GUARDIAN – Overview