A NEW GUARDIAN – Character Profiles

Character Profile: Brianna O’Connor

Full name: Brianna Áine O’Connor

Nickname(s): Bri, Little Fae Queen

Species: Druid

Age: 15 (A New Guardian)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Appearance: Tall & athletic in body, medium-brown skin, thick red hair, almond-shaped green eyes.

Height: 5′10

Personality: Fearless. Loyal. Sharp-tongued. Hard-headed.

Abilities: Speaks English, French & Irish/Scottish Gaelic. Spirit Magic. Talented artist.

Brief Description: As the one with the strongest connection to the magical world, Brianna spent her childhood drawing pictures of fae, unicorns, Dryads & other magical creatures withing her sketchbooks. But after her father disappeared, Brianna convinced herself that the stories that he told her were just words of fiction. But after she and her family move into Sanctum Manor, Brianna quickly discovers that those old stories were indeed fac, and something sinister lurks among the dark halls.


Character Profile: Edward Clifford

Full name: Edward Nathaniel Clifford

Nickname(s): Edd, Cliff, Big Red Dog

Species: Werewolf

Age: 15 (A New Guardian)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Cisgender

Appearance: Tall and athletic in body, shaggy red hair, blue eyes (gold in wolf form) & tanned skin.

Height: 6′0

Personality: Distant. Closed. Pessimistic at times.

Abilities: Enhanced strength, speed, and senses. Talented musician. Good cook.

Brief Description: Raised in a group home for werewolves born in Seattle, Edward doesn’t know of his past. Although werewolves are viewed as Creatures of Darkness and are among the most powerful, Edward always felt out of place because of his disinterest in doing what ‘werewolves are supposed to do’.Rather than committing crimes and going on weekly ‘Hunts’, Edward would much rather be in his room playing his guitar. When he meets Brianna at school, Edward feels a magnetic pull to her, even though as a Druid she’s a Daughter of Light and should be his enemy.


Character Profile: Rosemary Hopkins

Full name: Rosemary Elisabeth Hopkins

Nickname(s): Rosie, Rosie-May, Pinkie,

Species: Human

Age: 15 (A New Guardian)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Lesbian

Appearance: Medium height. Fair skin. Dyed pink hair. Hazel eyes.

Height: 5′5

Personality: Bubbly. Optimistic. Almost deathly curious. Unashamed of who she is.

Abilities: Tech-savvy. Starbucks addict. Fearless. Loyal.

Brief Description: The daughter of a movie star, Rosemary’s parents divorced when she was a little girl and she’s lived with her father since the settlement. Her father dates a new woman every month, which has driven Rosemary away, as all she wants is a ‘normal family’. So, she spends most of her time in her bedroom on the computer, which has caused Rosemary to become a STEM major. Befriending Brianna when she moves into the city, she knows the legends of Sanctum Manor but is no way ready for the dark truths that the estate possesses.


Character Profile: Arthur Yoshioka

Full name: Akihisa (Arthur) Yoshioka

Nickname(s): Artie. Gloomy McGloom Face.

Species: Human

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Aromantic/Asexual

Appearance: Tall and lean of body. Short black hair. Light-brown eyes. Fair skin.

Height: 5′11

Personality: Quiet. Shy. Bookworm.

Abilities: Knowledge of most East Asian religions & mythologies. Loves to cook. Knows how to use a sword.

Brief Description: The only son of a Japanese businessman, Arthur has always felt uncomfortable talking about his sexuality. Since his father ignores him most of the time, Arthur spends most of his time at the library or in the kitchen, as he loves to cook. A childhood friend of Rosemary, he trusts her above all others even though he feels nothing more than a friendship love for her. What Arthur longs for in all the world is adventure and excitement, and when Brianna O’Connor comes into town, he quickly realizes that he might have bitten off more than he could chew.


Character Profile: Odhrán

Full name: Odhrán

Nickname(s): Odi. Horse Ass. Mule.

Species: Centaur

Age: 500 Human years, 17 Centaur Years

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Appearance: Tall. Dirty-blonde hair. Green eyes. Fair skin. Dark-brown coat (Centaur half)

Height: 6′0 (human), 16 hands (Centaur half)

Personality: Loyal. Optimistic. Hard-headed.

Abilities: Master archer. Intermediate swordsman. Master magic-user. Multilingual.

Brief Description: As the eldest son of the High Stallion of Everælm, Odhrán is expected to follow in his father’s footsteps (hoofprints). That means serving the Royal Family of Everælm, while also doubling as a groundkeeper at Sanctum Manor. When Brianna and her family move into the estate, Odhrán is quick to dismiss them as ‘fakes’, and even tried to run to get them to leave. However, when Brianna discovered the innermost chambers of the Manor, Odhrán realizes that he has no choice but to train her.


Character Profile: Danielle Kennedy

Full name: Danielle Jane Kennedy

Nickname(s): Dani. Witch Bitch.

Species: Witch

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Questioning

Appearance: Medium height. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Pale skin.

Height: 5′5

Personality: Quiet. Sever. Quick-tempered.

Abilities: Magic. Herbology. Potion Master.

Brief Description: As the daughter of the Supreme Witch of Washington, Danielle has been told from birth that magic was her right. Although most witches are good, her Coven serves the Darkness and will do anything for power. Her mother longs possess to Sanctum Manor and it’s infinite knowledge, so she force’s Danielle to befriend Brianna to get close to her. But after watching the kindness and loyalty that Brianna gives her friends, Danielle’s loyalty begins to waver.

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