Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy

POV: third-person limited omniscient

Themes: Comedy. Friendship. LGBTQA+. Guilt. Young Love. Royalty. Urban.

Status: Ready to begin posting


Fifteen-year-old Brianna O’Connor always thought that her father had abandoned her and her family ten years ago. Although her mother struggled to make ends meet, Brianna and her siblings never went hungry. But Brianna still remembers the happy times, when her father would tell her stories of the Fae, centaurs, and nature spirits.

One morning a mysterious man with a briefcase appears on their apartment doorstep, he informs the family of inheritance for Brianna and her siblings. Forced to uproot everything and move to Seattle to the ancient home of the O’Connor Clan, and it’s by roaming these dark halls that Brianna begins to discover her father’s secrets.

He never abandoned them. He loved them. He left to protect them. But… what was after them?

Between witches casting dark spells, heart-pounding werewolves, and disgusting hobgoblins; Brianna hurries to uncover the secrets of Sanctum Manor as The Darkness threatens to close in…



  1. A Whisper Among the Shadows

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